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Growing up I always loved music, okay fair enough we all did lol, but I always knew that is was always something more for me. I wrote poetry (says every musician), I wrote song lyrics and I always asked my mom or sister to print out song lyrics at work because I HAD TO know the words to all the songs.

Growing up with quite a few struggles, pursuing music was not an option (I was told I could have), so I always just focused on getting good grades, and I did, I grew up working a desk job blah blah and I no, just no, I always was and always will be a creative and so well in to my mid 20’s I made the choice to do this thing that was always in the back of my head. Music.

I had NO CLUE what to do or what I was in for lol, but here I am, not backing down, not giving up and if there’s one thing I can appreciate from it is, I am fulfilled, I am living my dream and every creation of mine is truly what happiness feels like.


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