Being a start up artist (in Cape Town)

Before I start, just wanna say, this is MY experience, I speak from my point of view… so don’t take it personally okay? cool.

When I stared my journey, I set out with high hopes, positive vibes and a happy go lucky type of attitude. I quickly, very quickly learned that I would hit brick walls more than I ever thought possible. I don’t mean brick wall as in writers block, or lack of creativity or content, I mean the people I met and came across.

The names in the story below are fake as I am not here to start drama but share my side of the story*

So in the beginning of my career, I approached a friend of mine at the time, Jack. Jack was already in the music field and I was like ‘OH YES! I can ask him for help!’ Jack was thrilled to help me, genuinely so and I felt so grateful… I would chat to jack often as I had a million questions and wanted to know what he thought of my content. Over time, Jacks responses became less and less to not at all. This to me was strange as myself and Jack would chat every day (almost). Perhaps he got tired of helping my dumb ass? Eventually, I confronted the silence and things went from bad to worse and got ugly and needless to say we haven’t spoken since. I was pretty mad at how things ended because we were friends, and then I got involved in the music industry and suddenly he gave me the cold shoulder… No explanation, no nothin! So there I was, my dreams in hand, and no idea what to do with them. My first major brick wall. OOF!

Some time rolled by and I met John. John was also in the music industry longer than me (everyone was lol) and I was thrilled once again lol (What a fool I was). John’s quality of work was amazing and I personally felt lucky working with him. He did however live quite far from where I live and so it was hectic to travel up n down but I sacrificed coz I wanted this so bad! John and I made a mean team, we worked well together, however, John, I felt, had little to no respect for me or my time. I had asked John if we could practice during the week after work as traveling would be easier for me ( I worked 5 minutes from where he lived) and John made up the dumbest excuse I ever heard in my life but I took it with a pinch of salt.
I would have to wait for him to be available to record/ work on my music. He would never give me a heads up in advance about his availability, his idea of a heads up would be a text, on the day, about how he’s available for a couple hours. Yeah coz I sat at the phone waiting for his highness to slot me, THE ACTUAL FUCK though? Needless to say i eventually said fuck this shit and found myself at my second major brick wall with a single song, and the rest of mt dreams in my hand n not a clue what to do.

So I started doing all I could for myself instead, wasn’t much but the journey is always slow at first right? Time went by and ended meeting an ‘influential person’ in the music scene. I thought the gods of music are my side (yeah, here I go again hahaha) this person gave me all the hope I had lost. Told me that they would help me out with my career and guide me. I wanted to cry coz I was so grateful! I told my mom, I told everyone that was important to me. This person then asked me to assist with my photography and I did, why wouldn’t I? I was excited that they were willing to help me. Anyway, all that was bullshit, I sold my services to another mother fucker who was just another let down… my last major brick wall I decided.

I faced a lot more assholes and empty promises in between and after all that but they weren’t as big or I didn’t take them as hard coz eventually you have to learn right? And I did. I now work on my own for myself.

If you’re tryna build, whatever it is, there will be major let downs, and yeah you will fall. But its all part of the process, dont let them win your passion and drive kay? KAY!


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