Why BTS Inspires me – and eventually Kpop as a whole

Look, when gangnam style came out i aint even know that shit was kpop…. lol.

I discovered Kpop just like I’d say, 90% of non korean kpop fans. The visuals. If you tell me Kpop music video’s dont MURDER, GTFO…¬† The colours, the fashion, the cinematic visuals, the gorgeous guys/girls, its all just so pleasing to watch.

So when I discovered BTS, I was intrigued, and what we do when we discover an artist we like, we stalk their music.music videos obviously lol. And upon doing this I fell in love with more than what they look like, their music is really great. The vocal line of BTS can out sing anyone, FIGHT ME…. The rap line is pretty great too, I can’t lie!

If you are a kpop fan, you’ll know, kpop is MUCH MORE than music, you get pulled into the lives of the artists. So with BTS, I ended up learning about their backgrounds, their struggles, what they love and hate and and and and and, they really share a lot of their lives on so many platforms, and the fans go the extra 50 miles too so our fandom is never really hungry coz we’re well fed… But I guess in general Kpop fan service is fucking madness, the fans really feel appreciated…

Anywho upon learning about them I learned about how they got to where they are…BRUH the work they put in, the time, the effort, the sacrifice and all at the ages they were… I immediately felt I aint doin shit in life compared to them. At 2am when im sleeping these mother fuckers are up practicing and perfecting their choreography and hell, they PERFECT it. They up practicing singing or planning their next move. I was drawn in by the visuals yeah but even more so by how they work with everything they’ve got. They finish off one tour today, next week they release their new shit and start tour¬† a week later. Rest, for who? lol and even though they have MADE IT they remain humble and hardworking and GRATEFUL to the the fans who gave them the power they hold, fuck if that aint goals then i dont want goals bruh.

Billionaires (In KRW – Korea) Millionaires in USD… all in their 20’s. Thats easy for an American artist sure, but they broke barriers being Korean. Most of them do other shit besides music, like own restaurants, photography, videography, producing for other artists and and and…. They are hardworking and driven like nobody’s business….

Today they are global. Winning Grammys, opening doors for the entire Kpop Industry, selling out US stadiums. Hell they’re so successful that if they have to be seen using a product I shit you not, it will be sold out in a couple days after lol

I’ve rambled enough. Point is im inspired and thats what I was getting at huehuehue

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