This song was born purely from curiosity. My own curiosity.

What drives people to invest… No, Invest is the wrong wrong… waste is the right word… So what drives people to waste money on an item just because it has a specific name on it? Its like you put more value on Jordan’s name than your own? N THAT makes NO SENSE to me.

What makes even less sense is that its always broke motherfuckers who spend their hard earned cash on a name brand item… For what? Status? Lol okay…. I mean sure spend your money on whatever the fuck you want sure, BUT in my opinion to buy something just coz its popular, ya’ll out here like blindly following trends when you should be investing that money in something matters when you earning average cash…. again, my opinion. Chase success not  Jordan’s, and Nike, and the latest Golf GTI, all that shit aint shit if you aint shit….

Focus on you, label owners are rich,successful business owners… what have you got goin besides those sneakers you’re rockin?


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